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Fitzgerald Thanksgivings

John never wrote about Fitzgerald Thanksgivings in any of his book series. One can assume nothing exciting happened. I doubt it.  Price, John's hometown, was fully invested in the holiday. In 1905 a Turkey shoot was planned. Eastern Utah Advocate recorded the following.   A few years later the Advocate printed the results of the 8th grade Thanksgiving Fundraising Ball. (Yes, that is John's oldest sister, Isabelle, highlighted in the... Read More

Dedication to Great Brain Series

A Great Brain Series fan, recently thanked me for my "dedication to the stories".  The compliment thrilled me. It also highlighted something he didn't know. Hundreds of others are, too. In 2010 a handful of blog followers jumped with me to Facebook . Year by year our numbers crawled upward. Dedicated Great Brain Fans added their likes to our page. 580 of us now claim our own corner of the internet. That's dedication. Every month someone new joins are... Read More

Keys To The Past – A Chapter from My Upcoming Book


Hunkered down his fingers feverishly striking the keys John typed. Memories rushed through his mind, his fingers racing to keep time. John Dennis Fitzgerald had a promise to keep. And the ghost of the that promise was at the door collecting.

From the tender age of thirteen he had dreamed of becoming a published author. He didn't count the three... Read More

Long Lost Relatives

Strange and miraculous things occur in this little realm of Fitzgerald that we have. I have experienced these little miracles and surprises for the past decade. Every time they happen I get so excited to touch one more living connection to the stories I love. The most recent delight arrived in my email box. It read, My great Aunt Edna was married to Bill (Fitzgerald) until her death in 1949. Her first husband was Fred Woods, Jr.... Read More

Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Fitzgerald

In life, John said little about his real life family. I believe those memories were too sacred to him, however he used the essence of them to craft the characters we love. Among his favorite is his Mamma, Tena. To John she was the most beautiful woman in the world. In The Great Brain he wrote: Mamma's blond hair was piled high in braids on her head. The sunshine coming through the kitchen window and striking Mamma's... Read More