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Hi – I said every once in a while I might add something.  Today I received a fun email I thought you might enjoy.


Hi Carrie,
I hope you can help us. We’re working with a producer who is interested in the film rights to the Great Brain series. They’re a very large producer but have had trouble tracking down who controls these rights or even who is a good contact person for the estate. Do you know if there is a literary agency or lawyer who represents the interests of the estate with regards to matters like this? I appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you!



JESSE SOLOMON | RightsGenie 
Not only did Jesse Solomon contact me, but so did his partner Josh Brody.  I sent them what I had for contacts.  I then asked if I could share it with you.  Jesse wrote back – here is his reply.
Thanks for that information Carrie – any leads are useful.
Josh told me he reached out to you as well.
Producers often search for the rights holders to many many books when they’re conceptualizing a project. The factors that then go into whether a producer actually goes ahead and licenses those rights are varied. Even then, sometimes the license deal becomes public knowledge and sometimes it doesn’t. We are not actually involved in this particular project in any other way than helping track down who controls or represents the rights today and passing that information along.
And we found you through googling for John Dennis Fitzgerald – you were one of the sites that came up!
Anyway for what it’s worth – Maybe someday there will be a full movie or series on The Great Brain.  If I find out I’ll pass it along.

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  1. Carrie Thatcher

    Me, too. The one from years ago needs a huge injection of style. It wasn’t bad for a start but with all the movie making skills out now, these books could really sell on screen.


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