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Finding Fitzgerald Back Cover Book Blurb – copy

One step closer - the book blurb for "Finding Fitzgerald". Enjoy. "They met when they were eleven. He was the con-man and hero of The Great Brain book series. Carrie was the mesmerized reader. Instantly they bonded. His pranks and capers carried her through her teens and early adulthood. In her early thirties, her husband found more books about her literary hero and his family. She fell in love all over again. Only this time, she saw... Read More

Papa “Thomas Fitzgerald” Passes

82 years ago today - Papa "Thomas Fitzgerald, Sr." passed. I love the obituaries title, "Death Claims Price Pioneer". He is a man I can't wait to introduce you to. I loved him in the books. I love him more in real life. He was rugged, bold, ambitious, caring, refined, progressive and down right inspirational. You will discover some new dimensions of this beloved man in my forthcoming memoir,... Read More

Grandpa Fitzgerald Passed

Grandpa Fitzgerald Passes- 131 years ago today, Irish immigrant, Thomas Fitzgerald passed away at the age of 78.   History of Bradford County records, "Thomas Fitzgerald, born in 1810 in County Cork, Ireland, married Isabella Lackey. . . .Thomas came to America in the late 1830's. He worked on the Erie Canal and then on the North Branch Canal hooking mules to the boats."

Tom Fitzgerald’s Daughter – Mary

Mary M. Pickering - April 2, 1930 to April 23-2018

Tom Fitzgerald was the father of three children. Mary was his youngest. A year ago she passed away. Out of respect to her family, I left her off the page for a year.Her obituary states that "she worked as a data processor for Trans World Systems". That her greatest joy was being a Grandma. And,"also... Read More

Tom Scoops Papa’s Newspaper – My Favorite Chapter

Tom Scoops Papa's Newspaper Over at The Great Brain Reading Group Facebook page, we just finished my all time favorite chapter. Ever since I first heard it as a kid it spoke to me. I am still tugged by T.D.'s desire to be seen as a grown up. The enthusiasm of proving his value. Not to mention the work to achieve the dream. And of course the multiple impending results. Laying on my couch, reading it again, I... Read More

Great Brain Reading Group

  I've started a Great Brain Reading Group on Facebook. We began last week. You are welcome to join us. We will follow the series through all 8 books. Giving us a total of 66 chapters to cover. This week we are reading chapter 2 of The Great Brain. Entitled "Revenge Can Be Sour". On Wednesday I post a new question. Grab your book(s). Read. Discuss. Do you prefer the website... Read More

A Great Brain Book Review

One of our Facebook friends, Adam Ellis, found this amazing review of The Great Brain Series. Her thoughts are definitely worth a read. After taking a gander I'd love to hear your thoughts.