Grandpa Fitzgerald Passed

Grandpa Fitzgerald Passes- 131 years ago today, Irish immigrant, Thomas Fitzgerald passed away at the age of 78.   History of Bradford County records, “Thomas Fitzgerald, born in 1810 in County Cork, Ireland, married Isabella Lackey. . . .Thomas came to America in the late 1830’s. He worked on the Erie Canal and then on …

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Mamma Fitzgerald visiting Grandpa and Grandma Nielsen (Nielson)

On this date in 1903, the Eastern Utah Advocate reported.     John wasn’t born yet. His brothers and sister would be the children traveling.   A few years later though…           To help our imaginations I grabbed this shot from Emery¬† County 1903. Care to visit family by wagon?

Great Brain Reading Group

I’ve started a Great Brain Reading Group on Facebook. We began last week. You are welcome to join us. We will follow the series through all 8 books. Giving us a total of 66 chapters to cover. This week we are reading chapter 2 of The Great Brain. Entitled “Revenge Can Be Sour”. On Wednesday …

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