Dance Inspirations for Adenville

Adenville Dance Inspirations We Fitzgerald fans will never get to read the notes John wrote before he created his two beloved series. The best we can do is piece things together from the scraps available. Today we look at Town Dances. Though never apart of The Great Brain Series, dances were integral to Papa... Read More

Fitzgerald’s and the Catholic Church

John D. wrote, "Sunday morning we all went to the Community Church. There were only two churches in Adenville, the Mormon Tabernacle and the Community Church. All the Catholics and Protestants in town went to the Community Church. Once in a while a Catholic missionary priest came to Adenville to... Read More

Boxing and the Fitzgerald Boys

Boxing was a part of Fitzgerald boy's lives In book . . . John D. Fitzgerald welcomes us into his Great Brain world stating, "Mormons and non-Mormons had learned to live together with some degree of tolerance and understanding."  For the adults maybe. For kids though? J.D. had sound answer, "Sweyn, my brother Tom,... Read More

In Memoriam

Thirty - years ago, yesterday, John D. Fitzgerald left this life. In memoriam of this anniversary, here is a brief overview of his incredible life John left this world on May 21, 1988. He was a man of many interests. Though writing topped the list from a young age, he also... Read More

Fitzgerald Thanksgivings

John never wrote about Fitzgerald Thanksgivings in any of his book series. One can assume nothing exciting happened. I doubt it.┬á Price, John's hometown, was fully invested in the holiday. In 1905 a Turkey shoot was planned. Eastern Utah Advocate recorded the following.   A... Read More

Dedication to Great Brain Series

A Great Brain Series fan, recently thanked me for my "dedication to the stories".  The compliment thrilled me. It also highlighted something he didn't know. Hundreds of others are, too. In 2010 a handful of blog followers jumped with me to Facebook . Year by year our numbers crawled upward. Dedicated Great Brain... Read More