Dedication to Great Brain Series

A Great Brain Series fan, recently thanked me for my “dedication to the stories”. The compliment thrilled me. It also highlighted something he didn’t know. Hundreds of others are “dedicated to the stories” too.

In 2010 a handful of blog followers jumped with me to Facebook Year by year our numbers crawled upward. Dedicated Great Brain Fans added their likes to our page. 580 of us now claim our own corner of the internet. That’s dedication.

Every month someone new joins are group. Every month someone brags about their kids, grandkids or school class reading these books for the first time. That’s dedication.

I own my family’s original box set from 1976. The books are threadbare and cover worn. The scotch tape holding them together has lost it’s stick. However, it isn’t my dedication to these stories that brought me this far. It’s the stories themselves that have stuck to me.

Again and again as I flip through journal entries I see how many times I gave up, threw in the towel, or just plain quit. Every time some unexpected event, person, or thing who loved the stories, would reignite my yearning to discover more.

To all of you I say “Thank You” for your “Dedication to the Stories”. It is my pleasure to hold a space on the web for all of us.

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