Great Brain Audiobooks – Where Have They Gone?

Where have all the Great Brain audio books gone?  That very question greeted me this morning on Great Brain Series Facebook.

The First Wave Audio –

They hired Morgan White, voice actor, character actor, and radio DJ to vocalize the narrator, J. D. Fitzgerald.

White’s porch rocking mid-western drawl swept listeners to days by gone. Long before automobiles, telephones, and fast food. Hours slipped away under his soothing spell. No wonder Colleen, the Great Brain Facebook fan, wrote, “I wasnÔÇÖt a good reader growing up so I did most of my ÔÇÿreadingÔÇÖ via audio books. The Great Brain series was my childhood favorite. The book on tape was awesome! The reader was entertaining.”

Today, nearly three decades later, Colleen asks, “Does anyone know if and how I can get a copy of the original tape recordings but on CD or mp3 file? I have 2 kids who desperately need to listen to these books (and I want to listen, too)”

Well glory be, a portion of an answer exists. Another diligent Great Brain fan got hold of two of the books. He was able to share them on the web.

The Great Brain

And one of my favorite of Fitzgerald’s books…

The Great Brain Reforms

So beloved were these versions of the audio books, commenter’s beneath both recordings asked, “Do you happen to have more of this series to upload?”

Sadly not online.

However, WorldCat, a huge online library catalog appears to have a few others in cassette form on hand.

Now all we need are cassette players.

Second Wave Audio –

When technology moved from cassette to compact disc’s, Listening Library recruited, Ron McLarty, to read the beloved stories. This was a gift to readers everywhere. John D. Fitzgerald’s books were getting harder to find. The slim silver disc’s were the last accessible way for legacy fans to share the stories with their kids on long trips.

A few of those recordings can be found at audible , audiobooks and scribd

With summer in full swing, what better time is there than now to take an audio trip to Adenville.

Download. Enjoy.

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