Grandpa Fitzgerald Passed

Grandpa Fitzgerald Passes-

131 years ago today, Irish immigrant, Thomas Fitzgerald passed away at the age of 78.


History of Bradford County records,

“Thomas Fitzgerald, born in 1810 in County Cork, Ireland, married Isabella Lackey. . . .Thomas came to America in the late 1830’s. He worked on the Erie Canal and then on the North Branch Canal hooking mules to the boats.”


Life affecting;

The passing of Thomas, shifted the life of his son Thomas, who in 1888 was living out west. Abandoning his life in Nevada, son Thomas returned home to Pennsylvania. After a period of mourning, the new Thomas Fitzgerald, Sr. headed back out West. In the years ahead he would marry and begin a family. Eventually we would know him as Papa.

Thank you Thomas Fitzgerald Sr., Sr. for raising a remarkable son. Our lives are better for it.

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