Grandpa Fitzgerald Passed

Grandpa Fitzgerald Passes-

131 years ago today, Irish immigrant, Thomas Fitzgerald passed away at the age of 78.


History of Bradford County records,

“Thomas Fitzgerald, born in 1810 in County Cork, Ireland, married Isabella Lackey. . . .Thomas came to America in the late 1830’s. He worked on the Erie Canal and then on the North Branch Canal hooking mules to the boats.”


Life affecting;

The passing of Thomas, shifted the life of his son Thomas, who in 1888 was living out west. Abandoning his life in Nevada, son Thomas returned home to Pennsylvania. After a period of mourning, the new Thomas Fitzgerald, Sr. headed back out West. In the years ahead he would marry and begin a family. Eventually we would know him as Papa.

Thank you Thomas Fitzgerald Sr., Sr. for raising a remarkable son. Our lives are better for it.

2 thoughts on “Grandpa Fitzgerald Passed”

  1. Gregory Bartsch

    Also, thank-you Thomas Fitzgerald for spawning William. I hope that character is more real than imaginary, yet- after reading “Finding Fitzgerald”, I wonder if the real parts based more of Papa? But I haven’t found references to Will in these pages, nor in the 2018 book, with the exception of mentions of Queenie. And this is where I shout out my admiration of Uncle Will.

    At 12, I started reading the earlier books and my first introduction to Inter-Library loans. My copy of “Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse” arrived 2 weeks later, and it was hardbound and smelly and wonderful. This is my favorite of the books, and I loved the grittiness, and also, the determination of the main character. Later in life, when I would watch the tv show *Dallas*, I would think of Uncle Will. Reading Twain- I thought of Uncle Will, any references to poker would connect me to Will. The concept of “other side of the tracks”- I learned from Uncle Will.

    I am looking to read this title again. It was on order though the library system, but COVID halted delivery. Retail prices are a bit too high on this item. Something will happen, but for now, I have no book. I strongly recommend for fans of JD to read “Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse”, and if possible- read it before the other two adult books.

    1. Good Morning Gregory Barstch,

      I hear you loud and clear on Uncle Will. I also hear you loud and clear on the smell of a good book. No greater perfume than that. I adore Uncle Will, in all of his forms. I believe John adored him, too. I think it was robbery that he was left out of The Great Brain series. I am going to take the liberty of posting this on my Great Brain Series Facebook Post. Please keep in touch. May your library copy get here, soon.


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