In Memoriam

Thirty – years ago, yesterday, John D. Fitzgerald left this life. In memoriam of this anniversary, here is a brief overview of his incredible life

John left this world on May 21, 1988. He was a man of many interests. Though writing topped the list from a young age, he also loved music, politics, and travel.

He traveled all over the world with United Foreign Press. Serving as a foreign feature editor in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

He covered the police beat in New York City, alongside Damon Runyon. He was a publicity agent for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. He was a member of Wendell Wilkie’s Presidential Campaign Staff. Later he became an efficiency expert for Triangle Steel in California.

For us he was the astute author whose stories inspired our lives from the moment we read them. Forty years later, I am in the waiting game for my memoir┬áFinding Fitzgerald to find a publishing home. As I think about John’s works I am reminded of┬áYA author, Richard Pecks statement to writers,┬á “we write by the light of every story they have ever read.”

As I wait for my manuscript to find it’s landing spot, I hope that my story will light the way for other readers and writers to find John’s amazing books.

Mr. Fitzgerald – Thanks for 40 years of wonderful of reading.┬á

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    • Carrie Thatcher

      Thank you Eric,

      Math is clearly not my strong suit. Ooops. I appreciate the check. I believe I fixed it. I will double check.

      Keep reading. I have more fun things to come.

  1. Tyrone Stokes

    I recently bought the book ‘Rambles in Spain’. By John D. Fitzgerald.
    Copyright 1910

    Inside on the first page next to the inside cover, there is a personal note and signature. It reads as follows : To my dear niece and nephew Harriet and Argyle Z. Jones, with love from Uncle John D.

    The book is in very good condition for a book that is over 100 years old! Can you tell me anything about his niece and nephew? Thanks in advance.


    Ty Stokes

    • Carrie Lynn

      Oh my word,

      I have never even heard of this book. I am stunned. I don’t even know who the niece and nephew are. They may have been from his wife’s side of the family. I would look a screen shot of the note. Would you be willing to take on and share it with me?

      And a screen shot of the book. In all my research not one word was ever referenced about this book.


      • Carrie Lynn


        This isn’t the same John D. Fitzgerald. The John D. Fitzgerald of my page was born in 1906. He would only have been 4 years old if he wrote the book you have. I definitely don’t have any information on your author. The names are the same. The men are different.

        Thank you,


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