Long Lost Relatives

Strange and miraculous things occur in this little realm of Fitzgerald that we have. I have experienced these little miracles and surprises for the past decade. Every time they happen I get so excited to touch one more living connection to the stories I love.

The most recent delight arrived in my email box. It read,

My great Aunt Edna was married to Bill (Fitzgerald) until her death in 1949. Her first husband was Fred Woods, Jr. He was the district attorney’s son. I wonder if that character in the book was based on him? Edna’s father James George Callaway, the barber in Price. Was one of his son’s possibly the basis for the character with the “down” looking eye?

I wasn’t able to answer all of her questions. I wish I could have, maybe in time we will find the answers. We were able to exchange some photos we had. Me sending her the only images I have of Bill Fitzgerald and her sending me her great Aunt Edna with her first husband.

As a reader and researcher of John’s works it would not surprise me that her guess about characters was right. So many of the real people that existed found their ways into his stories, even if it was just for a moment. The few that we can connect validate this. On days like this my love of this research project soars. We all have a story to tell John told his the best way he knew how. I am sure he glad he did.

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